LIMTRC - Long Island Manufacturing & Technology Resource Center

Welcome to the Manufacturing and Technology Resource Consortium

New York State’s only campus-based Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center (MEP) serving biotechnology and manufacturers of all industries on Long Island.

Are you a Long Island manufacturer?
Good news: at the Manufacturing and Technology Resource Center (MTRC), we have everything you need!

The MTRC helps companies assess their needs, define projects, match them with experts for: technology assistance, research and development, prototyping, workforce training and process improvement, as well as the adoption and evaluation of new manufacturing equipment. We can also help you troubleshoot common problems with inventory and supply chain, manage the high cost of doing business on Long Island, and even help you find great talent!

Additionally, we enjoy partnerships with 10 valuable institutions, including Stony Brook University, NYSTAR, and more.

What Can the MTRC Do for You?

When you work with the MTRC, we’ll help you:

  • Grow your business
  • Improve productivity, including Lean and Continuous Improvement
  • Develop facility plans, layout and work-cell designs
  • Resolve quality and ISO issues, including training and certification
  • Provide workforce development training
  • Optimize capacity, cycle time reduction, and on-time delivery
  • Control costs and enhance capacity
  • Spark innovation
  • Implement environmental programs
  • …and more!

How Does It Work?
That’s easy! Fill the form out below to talk to a MTRC representative about your company’s needs.